1. Why cannot I see the whole information about vehicles?
  2. How can I participate in Auto Auction?
  3. How do I get my bidder number?
  4. How do I place my bid on a vehicle?
  5. What is a preliminary bidding?
  6. What is a virtual sale?
  7. What is BID4U?
  8. How can I pay a deposit?
  9. What is a bid limit?
  10. What happens if my preliminary bid ties with a virtual auction buyer for the same vehicle?
  11. Are there any additional charges besides the winning bid?
  12. When the payment for the awarded vehicle should be provided?
  13. How can I pay for the vehicle?
  14. If I win a vehicle, how many days do I have before storage is charged?
  15. When can I pick up the vehicle?
  16. What will happen if I fail to pay for the vehicle?
  17. Can I cancel my bid?
  18. Can I change my bid?
  19. How many bids can I submit?
  20. How can I see my previously entered bids?
  1. The reason why you can’t see the whole information about the vehicle is that you have a limited access to the website. To get access to the full site version and see detailed vehicle information, please fill out the registration form. Registration is free.
  2. If you’d like to participate in Online Copart Auto Auctions, after you fill out the registration form, you will need to pay the refundable security deposit and a Copart user name and password will be sent to the provided email address.
  3. After you register and pay the security deposit, you will receive your bidder number and password to Copart.com website. And you are ready to bid.
  4. There are two types of bidding. You can participate in a preliminary bidding or in a virtual sale. Please be advise you can not participate in the virtual sale if you are the highest bidder in the preliminary bidding.
  5. A preliminary bidding allows buyers to place their bid 24 hours a day untill one hour before virtual auction begins. A buyer just enters his/her maximum bid.
  6. Virtual sale begins at 12p.m. local time of the facility where the vehicle is located.
  7. BID4U is the program that represents the highest preliminary bidder during the virtual sale. You just enter the maximum price you want to pay for a vehicle during preliminary bidding and BID4U will bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid during the virtual auction. BID4U will only bid one increment over the current bid to maintain your position as the highest bidder. This program allows you to purchase a vehicle below your maximum bid. As a security precaution no one including Copart associates can see your maximum bid. It is 100% confidential!
  8. You can make a deposit online paying with your Credit/Debit Card or PayPal. Also you can make a wire transfer.
  9. Bid limit is a maximum amount that you can bid on a vehicle. With minimal deposit of $400 your bid limit will be $4000. If you want to bid more then $4000, your deposit should be 10% of the amount you would like to bid.
  10. According to the Copart policy, if your preliminary bid ties with a virtual auction buyer for the same vehicle, the vehicle will be awarded to the virtual action buyer.
  11. Yes, there are. The final cost of the vehicle includes: the winning bid+Copart fees+our transaction fee. You may check all fees using our fee simulator at www.easyexport.us/fee.
  12. The buyer has 2 business days, not including the sale day, to provide the payment for the awarded vehicle. If the payment is received later then in 2 days, the buyer should pay $50 of late payment fee.
  13. The vehicle can be paid ONLY with bank wire transfer. All necessary bank information will be indicated in the invoice, which you receive after you win a vehicle.
  14. Copart allows 6 days of free storage. Then they will charge you $20 per day.
  15. As soon as the payment for the vehicle is received, the vehicle is ready for pick up. Please be advised that you can not drive a vehicle till it is registered. Our company can provide transportation services as well.
  16. If a buyer fails to pay for the vehicle, he/she will have to pay the relist fee. The relist fee is min $400 or 10% of the vehicle cost. In case a buyer doesn’t pay the relist fee, his/her security deposit will be applied to cover the relist fee and the account will be closed.
  17. No, you can not. All bids are final and no bids can be canceled.
  18. A bid can not be lowered. You can only increase your bid.
  19. You can submit as many bids as you wish till your maximum bid limit is reached.
  20. You need to click on option “Bids status”. Then select “current bids” from the menu and you will see all your bids.